I enjoyed working in  lc3 because there is less people then lc2 i have leant this week how to do a proper procedure text my goal is this

week 5

something i enjoyed long weekend

some thing i learnt this week

lego robot machines

my goal  for next week is get more work done!

 my 2o14 pe reflection 

what i have learnt :                                                    Term 4 week 8

This week I have enjoyed …. Doing olsc’s got talent, inquiry and doing my must do’s and doing my narrative  from my big write

What I have learnt i have learnt what are fractions are.

my goal is to try harder to finish my inquiry


-how to play tennis

-how to create a  game




week 7

what i learnt how to do the thrass explosion

i enjoyed this week working with the new teachers they were very nice

goal is this week   to work with different people

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